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How To Ask God For Help?

Looking for proof of god? or a religion magic 8 ball? You can see the image of jesus at magic 8 ball online, It is second coming of jesus christ which looks like a magic 8 ball..
if you are jesus prayer,stop asking jesus into your heart, insted, You should ask our magic 8 ball online if you do not know how to ask god for forgiveness.

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Bible Said: Must Ask Magic Ball To Receieve

why do people believe in god?According to the Bible or best book, we must only ask to recieve. it is what you can see from best book...
You have a chance to ask magic god ball online and will receieve answers by the magic god ball in reality.
According to many Christians, God's command of the English language is "yes," "no," "maybe," and "ask again later.",Here we have more answers you will see.
How does God decide what prayers to answer? he use our magic 8 ball..

Magic God Ball Helps Those Who Help Themselves

Why not send a promotional gift or christmas gift to your children with magic god ball? I think they will turn their faith towards god before they see the existence of god or god proof..
It is a great idea to get the help of god by asking the online 8 ball for free questions..

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