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Looking for proof of god? or a religion magic 8 ball? You can see the image of jesus at magic 8 ball online.

Man are fond of mischief.. it is the site where you trick people with the magic 8 ball and your on the other end giving the answer.
it is the site where you can create a link and send link to your friends,you friends will ask the 8 ball a question,
you can see the questions and you answer the questions within 10 seconds.

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Friends' Reaction On Magic Fake 8 Ball Online

The initial reaction of most participants is fatastic funny. "There's a magic joke ball website where often I ask questions for fun.. and there are random answers.
But today when I asked "Are beauty pageants stupid?" I received this answer, "No, but you are!"
I find that strange because those are not one of the automated answers, it seems like someone answered my question personally.
Is there an explanation of how this happened? I hope the hacker didn't hack into my computer.

I hope it was only the website and not my computer that he hacked".

Magic Eight Ball Online Advice

It is a magic 8 ball game design by us but we are not good at creating a magic eight ball game that everybody loves. So Could you mind to send us your advice.
Here is my idea. I am planning to create a magic 8 ball who related with sports and body building.. for example.There are 20 baskteball teams in magic 8 ball,
i am planning to write 20 team name on the magic 8 ball answers. Is the magic 8 ball online with baskteball teams' name saying a great idea?

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